About us

We bring small
businesses and skilled
workers together

Are you a small business owner
needing to find reliable and skilled
staff without breaking the bank or
trawling countless unskilled
job applicants?

At WEWAL, our mission is to help small businesses to cost and time-effectively find skilled employees to recruit into their business.

WEWAL differs from insipid job boards. Our Founders are small business owners. They get it.

We understand the frustrations and stress that can stem from needing to invest the time and money in finding the right people to join your team. Hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars can be sunk into unsuccessful job advertisements and listings, with ambiguity around the quality and calibre of applicants at the other end of the process.

We also know a big challenge for small business owners in Australia is being time poor.

Whilst spending the time to ensure the right person joins your team is critical, a lot of time is wasted in the filtering of lacklustre and unqualified applications through standard job listing sites.

WEWAL is a platform that inverts the recruitment process for small businesses seeking credible blue-collar and transient employees, whilst reducing the costs and risks associated with conventional recruitment service providers.

WEWAL delivers this service on a low cost pricing model where you only pay for the candidates you want to engage; reducing risks associated with upfront investment in extensive recruitment fees and safeguarding your business cashflow. Free to post, only pay for the people that matter.

This is achieved by leading the recruitment process with a reciprocal employee and employer rating system, leveraging quality referrals to shortcut lengthy screening processes and providing increased transparency to both Employer and Job Seeker.

The platform prides itself on catering to the specific needs of Australian small business by addressing nuances of the transient workforce, showcasing a candidates employability based on value, commitment and what their past employers say about them.


The brainchild of WEWAL, Jared is
passionate about developing the
recruitment platform for small to
medium businesses who
experience issues finding the
right staff.

Jared Baldwin - Founder of WEWAL - was born in Darwin and grew up on the family farm "Manton Valley" in Acacia Hills. After completing high school, Jared
moved to Tennant Creek and started Remote Concrete NT, servicing remote communities and isolated roads across the Territory ever since. He has the
Territory dust in his blood, not just ingrained in his hands.

In 2015 Jared founded Raw Materials, a local quarry in Tennant Creek. Delivering extensive successful projects for the Northern Territory Government and
private clients across the NT, Far North Queensland and the Pilbara.

Jared has built the capability, experience and reputation of both companies to what it is today. He focuses on guiding a well equipped team to provide the
best solutions for clients while continuing to expand business services and capability.

But as a small business owner, Jared has experienced the frustrations of growing his business. The brainchild of WEWAL, Jared is passionate about developing the recruitment platform for small to medium businesses who experience issues finding the right staff.

In 2018 Ben Hosking partnered with Jared to bring the WEWAL idea to life, joining as a Co-Director. Having been a passionate small business owner himself and started two gyms and a cafe with his wife whilst also serving

in the Police Force. Ben foresaw the value that a tool such as WEWAL would bring to other small businesses owners.

Ben is an accomplished leader having held executive level state and federal government appointments in the administration of remote Australian Territories. The experience he brings from that provides him with a full suite of skills to direct the company towards its end state of providing the most efficient employment system for transient and skilled workers in Australia.

Who we are

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Jared Baldwin

CEO & Founder

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Ben Hosking

Director & Co-Founder