Bringing small businesses
and skilled workers together

WEWAL helps small businesses to effectively find skilled
employees to recruit into their business; with transparency
front and center and without breaking the bank.

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What sets us apart

WEWAL Ratings
& Reviews

Reciprocal employee and employer
rating system

WEWAL uses quality referrals to shortcut lenghty screening process
and provide to both Jobseekers and Employers along the recruitment process.

Low Cost Pricing

WEWAL delivers this service on a
low cost pricing model where you
only pay for the candidates you
want to engage;

This reduces Employers risks with upfront investments in extensive
recruitment fees and safeguards business cash flow. Free to post, only
pay for the people that matter.

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Made specifically for
small business and blue
collar workers

WEWAL prides itself on catering to
the specific needs of Australian
small businesses.

We do this by directly addressing the naunces of the transient and blue
collar workforces, showcasing candidate employability based on
value, commitment and past experience.

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Whether you are a small business finding your next employee or a jobseeker
looking for your next work, we have a space in the platform for you.